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About Us

Label-On is a trading name of Aquentis Limited.

Label-On Marking Solutions is a company based in the UK formed as part of Protech Systems (UK) Limited in 2007. Initially we manufactured our Die-Cut Iron on School Nametapes which have become a firm favourite with parents and the Care Home industry, To complement these Name Tapes we introduced a Peel & Stick label of the same material but with the iron-on adhesive replaced with Self Adhesive to allow the labels to be stuck on to Calculators, books and Sports equipment. These labels were well received and our customers liked them.

Next came our Soft Satin sew in Name Tags for applications such as fleecy or woollen knitted clothing where the Iron-On Nametapes could not be used. Because of the "Loop Fold design of these labels they can be printed on both the front and back faces which allows us to print much more information on them than the old fashioned conventional Woven Nametapes, where once only a name could be woven into a narrow strip of fabric we now have the opportunity of printing a name on the front and contact details such as a phone number or address on the back in permanent non fade resin.

We have continued to invest in new equipment and continuous product testing and development and in early 2008 we introduced a new Economical Iron On Printed Name Label which is printed as a continuous tape and cut by the user when required, This proved very popular with our customers who could identify the application with the Iron on labels that their mothers used to buy when they were children, the difference being "ours stayed stuck on!" these are now our best selling range with over 232,000 labels sold to date.

In response to our customers requirements we now offer a range of sew in and Iron Craft Labels which can be used for keeping your contact details with your needlecraft projects whether it be Knitting, Sewing, Crocheting or Crosstitch. We can also offer Bespoke Labelling solutions for Tailors and Dressmakers. Because our minimum order for these labels is just 25 labels they are in the budget of the hobbiest and profesional alike and the final finishing touch for the project

2009 has seen the introduction of our Pet Tag ranges offering Pet ID solutions for both Cats and Dogs, our best selling tag possibly not surprisingly is the "Talk to the Paw" tag from our Dogs with Attitude Range.

March 2010 See's the launch of our Heel Shaped Shoe Label aimed at the Youth and Adult market, well not many 15 year olds want a foot shaped label in their shoe. These labels are supplied with a clear over-sticker to protect the label from wear and sweat from the wearers heel, We hope these will become a firm favorite with the Care Home Industry

May 2011 see's Aquentis aquire Label-On from Protech Systems (UK) Limited.