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Shopping Trolley Tokens

. Never be left searching for a £1 Coin at the Gym again
. Use in Shopping Trolleys & Lockers
. Choice of Collectable designs
. Each Token is supplied with a quick release Keyring
. Quality Enameled finish for lasting good looks
. Attach to Handbags, Purses, Golf Trolley or Sports bag

Trolley Token Keyring
What is a Trolley Token?
These Tokens are a pound coin substitute, sized to fit trolleys in shops & supermarkets. They are also useable in lockers at leisure and sports centres, train stations, and Airports throughout the UK.

How is it used?
Simply detatch the Token from the keyring when in need of a pound coin as a deposit for a trolley or locker and use as you would a Pound coin. When finished redeem the Token in the usual way and reattach to the keyring for future use.

Why would I need one?
With more and more people using debit or credit cards, it's not always convenient to carry cash, which is where the trolley token comes in. It is designed as a key ring - even if you don't carry cash, almost everyone carries keys, either house keys, car keys or both. Because the token can not be used to purchase items and because it is on your keyring you are ensured it will be just where you can find it when you want to use it.  



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I Love Shopping Trolley Token
I Love Shopping Trolley Token
Shop Til' you DROP Trolley Token
Shop Til' you DROP Trolley Token
Dolphin Trolley Token
Dolphin Trolley Token