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Soft Satin Sew In Nametapes (2 Sides)

Soft Satin Sew In Nametapes (2 Sides)
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Price: £4.49
Availability: 883
Model: SS-FB
Manufacturer: Label-On
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Sew In Premium Quality
Silky Satin
Personalised Name Tapes

These Tapes are lustrous super soft Premium Quality "Loop Fold" labels designed to be sewn into or on the seam of the garment. Far less sewing than conventional tapes that require sewing at either end!

You have a choice of: Green, Red, Blue, Pink or Black Print on Silky Satin Silver White material

Much smaller and neater than other Sew In name tapes and just as effective! in fact they offer the advantage of being able to have a contact phone number or other details such as an email address printed on the back as well!.

It really couldn't be easier, cut your label from the strip, fold and then sew onto garment or in a seam.

 These tapes will ensure that if found your garment can be returned to you or the fact the garment is marked may prevent the item being taken in the first place.

These Tapes are made from the finest quality lustrous woven silky satin fabric, and are totally wash fast.

Printed with an advanced Resin Ink which is thermally bonded to the tag material, they will not fade or run. They have been designed for outstanding durability and will withstand washing, dry-cleaning, ironing and steam pressing.

Tape size is 40mm wide x 20mm high (when sewn in) and are supplied on a strip ready to be cut prior to use. They can be printed with up to 2 lines of text with up to 14 characters and spaces per line on the front face of the label and a further 3 lines of up to 25 characters on the back (Max 30 if small print is acceptable).

Note: We allow 10mm of unprinted tape at either end of the tape for sewing into the seam of the Garment..
Please note that these labels are supplied dressed (stiffened) for the printing process. The dressing will wash out in 1 or 2 washes dependant on detergent and wash temperature used


These Tags can hold far more information than the old fashioned Woven Nametapes your Mother used to use! Why not take advantage of the latest technology today?

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Soft Satin Sew In Nametapes (2 Sides)
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